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American Maltese Association

A National Breed and Member club of the American Kennel Club



  Adapted from  AKC’s: A Beginner’s Guide to Companion Events

Agility is the fastest growing dog sport in the world. AKC offers its own series of levels and titles. Running a dog in an agility trial is the ultimate game for you and your dog and is one of the most exciting canine sports for spectators. In an agility trial, a dog demonstrates its agile nature and versatility by following cues from the handler through a timed obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weave poles and other objects and without the handler touching the dog. It’s an activity that strengthens the bond between dog and handler and provides fun and exercise for both. There are several types of classes offered at an agility trial: Standard, Jumpers with Weaves, Fifteen And Send Time (FAST) and Preferred level which includes all the classes listed but the dog jumps 4 inches lower than the Performance classes.

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